@Dhiraagu price increases

“Effective 1st Jan 2012, calls to Free Numbers will be subject to a monthly fair use allowance of 5000 mins for Platinum, 4000 mins for Diamond, 3000 mins for Gold, 2000 mins for Silver, 1000 mins for Bronze & Flex. Excess minutes will be charged at published call rates for the respective package. To check your free minutes balance, send a blank SMS to 727.”

well ain’t that peachy!!!! F**k you Dhiraagu an I think it’s not the extent of the changes!



3 thoughts on “@Dhiraagu price increases

  1. //Sub/Corpus

    I’m not defending Dhiraagu or anything … I left Dhiraagu and switched to Wataniya because I was fed up of their games … But, every telecom authority I know and have heard of has their fair use limits …Even skype free calls have fair use limits … I know this because I’m a paying customer and have been for a few years … few thousand minutes to a number doesn’t sound that terrible to me … But thats just me …


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