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Time for a Change

I started working at Allied sometime in 2001 as a temp, now over a scattered period of 17 years working in different capacities, and after a continuous streak of over 11 years I have ended up as a General Manager for what is, in my opinion, one of the best workplaces in the country.

Without a doubt, Allied has made me what I am today, the opportunities that the company and its management gave to me, the culture of friendliness, open-mindedness, willingness to do things differently and the trust it placed in me helped me do my job to the best of my capacity.

I have also been extremely fortunate to have been working with an unmatched team, without them nothing I have done would have been possible. I am going to miss them the most, above everything else, they are will continue to be more friends and family to me than colleagues.

Ameel, Shafaz, and Wahid have been exemplary leaders to work for, and I am thankful for their guidance, mentorship and all the hours of advice they have given me.

I’ll be leaving Allied to join Mindvalley in May. I hope to continue to contribute to Allied and Maldives in whatever capacity I can.


ROL new packages 1mpbs / 2mbps… thoughts!

I recently signed up for the new 1mbps limited package offered by ROL. this package will set you back 950/- per month and gives an allowance of 60GB international traffic… they also offer a 2mbps package with 80GB international allowance for 1450/-. oh yeah.. it works over your cable modem.. fiber not required.

I’ve been testing it for a bit an i’m really impressed with the package… 

Previously i was on their home Mega Pipe 1M home package which is basically a 1mbps unlimited package for 1200/-. now this package usually gave me around 80% of the promised bandwidth most of the time which isnt really bad for a shared connection… but what made me switch, especially with the limited allowances ?

  1. I’ve been told this package has a contention of 1:2 which although basically means i usually get the promised speeds almost all the time. and in my testing it has never gone below 1mbps.
  2. Local bandwidth is free, and by local i mean ROL and by ROL i mean video2home. it’s not counted against the package quota and if you do use it.. well that’s great news for you. sorry.. dhiraagu traffic is still considered international traffic (where’s the darn interconnect??)
  3. My imagination or just feel latency is better… 110ms to google.. but for most sites i get around 200-320 i’m undecided on this one.
  4. The kicker… it bursts… all the way to 2mbps down… i’m assuming the extra 1mbps isn’t guaranteed by any means but i do get it consistently for now and im also assuming its kinda gonna be consistent at least for video2home. this is HUGE considering that you are getting more bandwidth which is always good! one can never have enough bandwidth.

i do monitor my internet connectivity, and so i know i burn through 50-70 gigs a month including any video2home. so i will be able to get away with 60 gigs of international bandwidth. i know there are higher speed packages out there but the allowances on those are so flimsy… this seemed to be a good deal. Dhiraagu’s 50GB and 75GB package does not include video2home and goodness of bursty-ness…

Although as of today they have a strange policy for these packages when u reach the limit.. they apparently disconnect you for the rest of the month??? for now they don’t even offer the option of topping up or squeezing ur pipe like dhiraagu does… strange…. if you are the type to accidentally go over your limit i’d advice you to hold off upgrading till they figure something out for that problem.. which is in my opinion a major issue for most ppl. as they wont login to dashboard that often.. 

Dear ROL, why not just squeeze to 128kbps or 64kbps till end of the month? i’m sure it would be better than a customer getting pissed that they can’t even pay their way to connectivity?

But hey…since the package is still not announced publicly they might even do something about it before they announce it properly.. i would suggest they do so… it’s gonna be a question on everyone’s mind.. but if you really want it now you can sign up for it at their counters…but be aware of this… or ask.. if it has changed?

to the test stuff.. keep in mind.. this is just my experience.. not a controlled environment and not a benchmark.. just plain old daadi’s thoughts…

Speedtestrol to ROL Servers

Speedtestuk to a UK Server

Video2home download speeds


youtube 720p and 480p tests… 480p has no issues can stream without any hiccups… 720p does stutter occasionally so buffering is required.

As you can see it does perform consistently as promised.. and more… if it’s worth for you?.. i can’t tell you that 🙂

UPDATE: 10/03
apperantly you can buy extra allowance if you exceed your limits… multiple blocks from 2GB all the way upto 50GB.. that makes so much more sense.

@Dhiraagu price increases

“Effective 1st Jan 2012, calls to Free Numbers will be subject to a monthly fair use allowance of 5000 mins for Platinum, 4000 mins for Diamond, 3000 mins for Gold, 2000 mins for Silver, 1000 mins for Bronze & Flex. Excess minutes will be charged at published call rates for the respective package. To check your free minutes balance, send a blank SMS to 727.”

well ain’t that peachy!!!! F**k you Dhiraagu an I think it’s not the extent of the changes!



Male’ Wifi Access Points Geo-tagged!

And it looks a bit like this…..


Some points of note:

– i did not cover a lot of roads and goalhi’s…
– GPS accuracy will be around 10-50m on average.. some areas might be a bit wider(as the point was logged where it was first seen, and not the strongest signal)
– i did not collect supported data rates (ie, did not differentiate between b/g/n)
– 2.4 Ghz only… no 5ghz
– speed of the driving could have had an impact on number of identified points.. had i lingered longer at some spots…
– no high gain equipment…
– observations made were made on the samples collected, i believe its a good representation of the whole.

Interesting Observations:

– Below Chart shows the encryption type in use. it’s nice to know 92.5 use some form of encryption still 308 is still a large number of points without any type of encryption, but Considering you really should be using WPA or WPA2 these days it’s still troubling that 40.06% use none or WEP encryption which is weak and easily breakable.


-large number of access points have repeated SSID’s, i’ve selected the top 10… of those there are a lot which are the manufacturer default or ISP default.. .which really shouldn’t be the case. it is very likely that these points are extremely vulnerable with default passwords or most used passwords as well.


-using the data it is also possible to identify which access points have which type of encryption to identify the most vulnerable. i’ve highlighted just a few as shown below where there are multiple SSID’s under same name and where no encryption is setup. 


-channel distribution is as expected, non overlapping 1, 6 and 11 make up 88.23%. which is good,


EDIIT : for non-techies : 2.4 Ghz is the frequency where wifi lives.. to be precise 2.401-2.495 Ghz depending on where you are(2.4Ghz b/g/n)… (it is unlicenced meaning you dont need a specific authority or permission to use italthough CAM has setup some guidelines for maximum power output… thats another story).. this range is split up to 14 channels 1 through to 14..  most routers don’t come with channel 14 enabled as it is not allowed in most countries… regulation wise… so the most common channels are 1-13.Thing is each channel takes a chunk of the whole 2.401-2.495 Ghz range… BUT…adjesant channels overlap.. lets put it into visual context here.. say channel 1 = 2.401–2.423 GHz and channel 2… 2.406–2.428 GHz, as you can see there is an overlap where 1 ends and 2 starts… this overlap results in interference which results in bad quality connection in general.

image: Wikimedia
the diagram does a good job of explaining how channels overlap.. and as you can see the actual non-ovelapping channel ranges are 1, 6, 11.
above is the actual results of the site survey done near my wifi router… on channel 1 you can see my router.. routers around me are on the remaing channels with lower peaks.. but as you can see channel one is the cleanest channel around for me so i have set it up there which will result in me getting the best quality wifi signal possible.but the actual channel you choose depends on the channel usage at the location where you setup you access point.. which means a site survey is in order..
more info on channels? head over to wikipedia

i am providing the files for download below i am also providing with a link for google maps overlay for you to play around with. i dont mind anyone using it for personal or educational purposes, but not for commercial work or profit…. i would appreciate a link back / attribution. do let me know if you use it for any of your projects.

View in Google Maps overlay:

*Microsoft Excel format


jailbreaking 4.1 iOS iPhone and 3.2.2 iPad


Works great… tried it on the iPad with 3.2.2…. finally… im not sure i do want to update my iphone just yet.. with 4.2 possibly out in november… i’m kinda happy with 4.0.1 on the phone for now…

head on over to for a great tutorial and download links….

Update 23/10: tried it with a 3GS running 4.1.. worked great

One of those cool things… home automation

Last few days this craving to to a bit of home automation has hit a new high….  JAVIS the friendly robot from Iron Man comes to mind… wouldn't it be nice control your whole house with voice commands… wishful thinking aside… i wouldn't mind something more realistic… there are a lot of solutions out there… some not even that expensive.. but what i really really wanna do is hook it up to my iPhone 🙂 wouldn't that be nice…


apparently there are some solutions in place…. which are already hooked up to the iphone…. this calls for more RnD….. something exciting to experiment with….