ROL new packages 1mpbs / 2mbps… thoughts!

I recently signed up for the new 1mbps limited package offered by ROL. this package will set you back 950/- per month and gives an allowance of 60GB international traffic… they also offer a 2mbps package with 80GB international allowance for 145…

I recently signed up for the new 1mbps limited package offered by ROL. this package will set you back 950/- per month and gives an allowance of 60GB international traffic… they also offer a 2mbps package with 80GB international allowance for 1450/-. oh yeah.. it works over your cable modem.. fiber not required.

I’ve been testing it for a bit an i’m really impressed with the package… 

Previously i was on their home Mega Pipe 1M home package which is basically a 1mbps unlimited package for 1200/-. now this package usually gave me around 80% of the promised bandwidth most of the time which isnt really bad for a shared connection… but what made me switch, especially with the limited allowances ?

  1. I’ve been told this package has a contention of 1:2 which although basically means i usually get the promised speeds almost all the time. and in my testing it has never gone below 1mbps.
  2. Local bandwidth is free, and by local i mean ROL and by ROL i mean video2home. it’s not counted against the package quota and if you do use it.. well that’s great news for you. sorry.. dhiraagu traffic is still considered international traffic (where’s the darn interconnect??)
  3. My imagination or just feel latency is better… 110ms to google.. but for most sites i get around 200-320 i’m undecided on this one.
  4. The kicker… it bursts… all the way to 2mbps down… i’m assuming the extra 1mbps isn’t guaranteed by any means but i do get it consistently for now and im also assuming its kinda gonna be consistent at least for video2home. this is HUGE considering that you are getting more bandwidth which is always good! one can never have enough bandwidth.

i do monitor my internet connectivity, and so i know i burn through 50-70 gigs a month including any video2home. so i will be able to get away with 60 gigs of international bandwidth. i know there are higher speed packages out there but the allowances on those are so flimsy… this seemed to be a good deal. Dhiraagu’s 50GB and 75GB package does not include video2home and goodness of bursty-ness…

Although as of today they have a strange policy for these packages when u reach the limit.. they apparently disconnect you for the rest of the month??? for now they don’t even offer the option of topping up or squeezing ur pipe like dhiraagu does… strange…. if you are the type to accidentally go over your limit i’d advice you to hold off upgrading till they figure something out for that problem.. which is in my opinion a major issue for most ppl. as they wont login to dashboard that often.. 

Dear ROL, why not just squeeze to 128kbps or 64kbps till end of the month? i’m sure it would be better than a customer getting pissed that they can’t even pay their way to connectivity?

But hey…since the package is still not announced publicly they might even do something about it before they announce it properly.. i would suggest they do so… it’s gonna be a question on everyone’s mind.. but if you really want it now you can sign up for it at their counters…but be aware of this… or ask.. if it has changed?

to the test stuff.. keep in mind.. this is just my experience.. not a controlled environment and not a benchmark.. just plain old daadi’s thoughts…

Speedtestrol to ROL Servers

Speedtestuk to a UK Server

Video2home download speeds


youtube 720p and 480p tests… 480p has no issues can stream without any hiccups… 720p does stutter occasionally so buffering is required.

As you can see it does perform consistently as promised.. and more… if it’s worth for you?.. i can’t tell you that πŸ™‚

UPDATE: 10/03
apperantly you can buy extra allowance if you exceed your limits… multiple blocks from 2GB all the way upto 50GB.. that makes so much more sense.

Author: Riyazi

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6 thoughts on “ROL new packages 1mpbs / 2mbps… thoughts!”

  1. Daadi,Awesome blog!, I totally agree with you on lowering the bandwidth after the limit exceeds…im using a FTTH 10mb – 25gb usage limit line…..i’m loving this connection! awesome speed!….in fact so fast i run out of my limit most of the time within the 2nd week on connection X) . and it’s a pain in the arse when you find out u’re outta limit after office hours!!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Its good that both Dhiraagu and ROL have decent unlimited connections but I really don’t like them on 3 accounts. Firstly, the fair usage allowance is just not reasonable even if a household of people (such as in my case) limits themselves to Youtube and the like. Then there is the throttling… I hear Dhiraagu caps the connection to 64 kbps (almost dial-up speed) after the FUA has been exhausted and now you are reporting that ROL will likely suspend the connection altogether. Lastly, the price they are asking for this seriously flawed connection is just… I wouldn’t say unreasonable, its more like daylight robbery. Take a look at what is available to me for around Rf 1000 ( – although I have a cheaper connection of 50 Mbps) and you’ll see what I mean by this. Disappointing… Oh, and what is this video2home that you speak of?

  3. its very difficult to compare Maldives to UK, US or other countries, the standard of living, the facilities, technology and the market size… but it’s sad.. we still get excited about 1-2 mbps and the highest 10mbps packages come with flimsy allowances… and in the end 40 pounds tends to be a lot less than MRF 1000 in real money terms…. basically maldivians pay a higher percentage of income for crappy internet connections… sad isnt it? however the high pricing i dont know if it’s a matter of cost or profit… bandwidth prices generally has a downward trend and it does show here somewhere in Maldives too but not even close to the way prices are falling elsewhere…i guess the incentive to make huge profits on the small market is much too hard to resist? who can blame anyone.. no real competition… and with such weak regulators who bends to every whim of dhiraagu what else can be done…? muzaharaa kuran jeheynee…

  4. nope it is not.. but u can sign up if you want to when u go to ROL… or i guess u can also call them?

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