My thoughts on Amazon Kindle Unlimited

kindle unlimtied

So i signed up just a few days back for the kindle unlimited trial account. I’d like to share my thoughts on the experience. first off i am a paying amazon prime customer, and by having that  i do get access to ‘borrow’ one book a month from their significant library. but its kind of restricted to my kindle device, actual kindle, prime customers cant use the prime libarary to borrow on an app on lets say the iPad or an Android device.

Kindle unlimited by comparison allows you to borrow up to 10 books at a time from their library of what looks pretty similar to the prime lending library, i don’t know if its the same or not.. Amazon does say 600,000 + titles but yeah 10 books at a time. and it does not have the limitation on the iPad or Android as Prime does. It also does not seem to restrict checking out books you already read or restricting how many books per month etc. Not that i’ve noticed anyway.

Borrowing a book seems pretty straightforward enough, Store on website, iPad and kindle itself seems easy enough..




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Whispersync for Voice

This is also an ‘unlimited’ option and included as part of your kindle unlimited subscription, i imagine the voice enabled titles do count towards your 10 book at once limit, but really its no big deal, its just easy to switch between reading and listening if you like audiobooks. the good thing about this option is that this is a proper narration. not the robotic dictation in previous kindles. Amazon does say its audible narration so no complaints there. Only problem is a minority by comparision (7000+) of the books are enabled for voice so don’t have too high an expectation


Audible Trial

You do get a 3 month trial to full audible services, which is basically 1 book credit per month for 3 months. this in itself is not a bad deal at all, there are no restrictions on any books that you can purchase using these credits and i assume they are yours to keep in your audible account. Audible may be owned by Amazon but it’s a different account separate from the kindle unlimited subscription. My audiobook choice for this month “Seriously…I’m Kidding” by Ellen DeGeneres, she narrates it and it’s hilarious! and yes i do love audiobooks.




So.. is it worth it?

Personally for me … a resounding YES!, and YES even though currently the major publishers may not be on board, that doesn’t negate the fact that it still does offer some really good books in the library. and $ 9.99 a month is really just a coffee or a price of a single book that you give up to get access to a lot more of good books at your fingertips. If you do read, and love to read i don’t see how you can go wrong with this.

Yes i do wish this was included in my prime subscription which i already pay to amazon, but really this still is a great value.

And if you are someone who loves dead trees, move on, it’s time, i tried to hold on to that, but nothing can beat the convenience of ebooks.